Wednesday, October 3, 2012

To the Tumblr!!! (Thanks for two Great Years)

As of today, I'm going to be discontinuing this blog and starting to post my work exclusively on my tumblr.

It's silly, but I've been dreading this in a weird way for awhile now. This blog has been a big part of my life. Its seen me post 400 some odd times over the course of 2 years and just under 20,000 visits have been logged in my little statistics column (or whatever you call it).

I don't know if those are "good" numbers in the world of blogging, but I do know that I'm very thankful for everyone who has checked in and taken a look at what I've been up to. All you of who have visited keep me going and I'm ever appreciative of you.

I've gone back through my old work and posted some of the things I'm most proud of below in no particular order (though I have included the dates).

I hope you enjoy them and I'd like to thank you all again for visiting.

-- Mr. GeorgeJurard

Toshiro Mifune (February 2010)

Wayne Shorter (August 2010)

Buggin' Poster (April 2012)

"This Place is Death" (July 2012)

"In a Silent Way" (January 2011)

Charlotte (February 2011)

"Fatherhood" (July 2011)

Sarah (August 2010)

Ethan (March 2011)

GeorgeJurard LP Cover (August 2012)

Hellboy Cover Re-Design Entry (July 2011)

Brutus (May 2011)

"Kitchen (Green Theme)" (September 2012)

"Perception" (February 2012)

Little Bit (October 2010)

"Living Room" (September 2012)

Two Nudes (After Andrew Loomis) (February 2011)

"The Prince of Darkness" (August 2010)

"Mi Madre" (May 2011)

Buggin' Monster (Fully Transformed) (April 2012)

Buggin' Monster (Partially Transformed) (April 2012)

"The Artist's Quarters" (September 2012)

"Grudge Match" (July 2011)

"Sagat" (July 2011)

"The Unknown Soldier" (May 2011)

"In the Belly of the Sarlacc" (Collaboration with TJ Nasti-- he did the pencil under-drawings and I did the inks and colors) (August 2011)

Vega (July 2011)

Adina and Olive (November 2011)

Anastasia (May 2011)

Bane (December 2011)

"Friendo" (August 2010)

"In Memory of Mr. Cosey" (September 2012)

Miscellaneous observational drawings (January 2012)

Dolly (May 2010)

Frame x Frame (October 2011)

"Isby Visits the Farm" (June 2012)

FLASH!!! (April 2012)

"The end is Nigh!!!" (Collaboration with Caitlin Skaalrud-- I did the pencil under-drawing, she inked it, and I colored it).

Gorilla (January 2011)

The Joker (September 2012)

Various cartoon characters (November 2011)

Shoes (Six Different Ones) (January 2012)

"I did my Best to Smile" (June 2011)

"Buggin'" T-shirt Design (April 2012)

Rudy (May 2010)

I'm Old Fashioned (15 Page Short Story) (Late March- Late May 2011)
The First Five Pages From H-Bomb Rodeo (My current comic) (Ongoing starting in February of 2012)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Sometimes these drawings have a mind of their own.

I really wasn't planning on putting full color in this but it just kind of had to happen...

Be sure to check back for more!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Observational Drawing Day 10 (A Joker and a Slight Cheat)

I don't think I can legitimately call these observational drawings as I wasn't working from a live model. I was working from a photo of a model though so it's all good?

I had a blast with these... In the past when I've drawn from photo reference, I've had a tendency to blow things out with detail. For these, I tried to strip back the detail and the drawings are better for it.

Also, while the above drawing is the finished product, there's something really appealing about the dead-line drawings themselves...

Be sure to check back for more!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

One Day Segue (Redux)

Haven't toned anything in a LONG time, so I thought I'd give my drawing from the other day the treatment... Pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Be sure to check back for more!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

One Day Segue (In Memory of Pete Cosey 1943-2012)

This past May, one of my favorite guitar players died.

Unfortunately, I found out only a couple of weeks ago.

Pete Cosey's name was not known by many. He never had a top 10 hit, he never got caught up in some scandalous business that would guarantee him a spot of notoriety in Rock & Roll history, and he passed without much fanfare.

From what I've read, he was probably okay with all three of those things.

Pete Cosey did not seem particularly interested in getting famous. He played with a lot of famous people, (Muddy Waters, Herbie Hancock, Howling Wolf, Minnie Ripperton, and this guy named MILES DAVIS) but he never really got the spotlight.

Part of the reason is due to the way Pete played and what albums he played on. His playing at the time was far out. It's STILL far out actually, but back then, most people didn't really know how to come at him. Both the album that he recorded with Howling Wolf and Muddy Waters were disasters over here (Howling Wolf HATED "The Howling Wolf Album" album and Muddy Waters wasn't much more enthusiastic about "Electric Mud"). Overseas though, his playing caught the attention of some people who owe a LOT to him, people like Jeff Beck, Robert Fripp (who called one of Pete's albums with Miles Davis a, "wallpaper shredder"), and John McLaughlin.

The only proof one really needs is in the first few bars of Muddy Waters' "I Just Want to Make Love to You" off of the album Electric Mud.

That fuzz tone?!?!!?1?


Now, Jimi Hendrix had been playing like this for at least a couple of years at this point but he wasn't quite going where Pete was going.

Pete's playing was rooted in the blues, but he took it wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy out there and had no problem throwing in loads of DISSONANCE. He didn't play his guitar so much as he performed knock down, drag out EXORCISMS on his instrument (brilliant ones at that).

He eventually caught the attention of Miles Davis who was being skewered by critics at the time for pushing "jazz-fusion" way past the jazz part and essentially laying the ground for hip-hop and electronic music. It was through Miles Davis' music that I was exposed to his playing, and I very distinctly recall that listening experience.

It was 2007 and I was laying on a beach in Florida around Christmas time. I'd been given the album Agharta (the one that Robert Fripp is so fond of) for Christmas and after I loading it onto my Ipod, I laid out in the sun not sure what to expect.

Listening to his first solo on the song, "Prelude", was one of the most memorable experiences of the last ten years.

His playing was otherworldly-- It sounded like he was strangling his guitar trying to get those goddamn notes to come out but they just wouldn't. As he progressed, his playing became less and less dissonant working towards a break-down that I kid you not is one of THE MOST brutal things ever put to tape. At the end of said breakdown, all the music drops out and after the briefest pause he comes back meaner than all hell, rattling off deranged pentatonic brilliance. Shortly thereafter, Al Foster and the rest of Miles' rhythm section coming through doing their damndest to blow the doors off everything but they just can't keep up.

It needs to be listened to, to be fully comprehended.

After his solo ended, I believe I stopped the song. If I recall correctly, I skipped back to hear the solo again, and then turned my Ipod off because I was afraid of what would come next. What I'd just heard was SO good and SO masterful, that I thought anything else would be a letdown.

Needless to say, he blew my mind again.

and again.

and again.

and again.

I created this piece in tribute to him. It's said that when he was a teenager, he'd play in the mountains around Phoenix and it was there that he developed his playing style.

I can only imagine what it must have sounded like to hear him practice-- The notes bouncing off canyon walls and coming back at him. You can ABSOLUTELY hear it in his phrasing too, and I'm so glad that he had the idea to go play where he did.

I feel kind of strange writing as much as I have about someone who I've never met (and will unfortunately will never meet) but at the same time, I think something needs to be said for the man. His music will get me through a thousand more drawings and inspire me to pick up the guitar until I'm old.

May you shred brilliantly in the great beyond Mr. Cosey-- I'd like to imagine that the sounds you pulled from your instrument could carve away at rock with ease.

The rest of us will catch up one day.