Monday, January 23, 2012

The Taurian Matador (Created for Frank Santoro's Online Correspondence Course)

At the end of October, I was selected from a pool of applicants to participate in an online correspondence course taught by Frank Santoro. The class lasted for just over two months and during it, I created a comic.

I'm not sure if I can open up the blog that I created for Frank showing all of my process over the course of the class as he's going to teach it again, but I CAN show the comic itself.

The process he had us use to create our comics was unique and challenging. It has forever changed the way that I'll go about creating in the future and I'm thankful for everything he showed us.

This work is something that I'm planning on re-visiting at a later point (I'd like to touch up both the drawings and the dialogue) but I'm very proud of what I put into this.

The cover and my pages are below, I hope you enjoy it.

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